On what game show did host John Daly ask Will you sign in please?

Answer What's My Line

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What age is Cecilia Daly the weather forecaster on BBC ni?

Who makes Charles Daly single-action Western revolvers?

Charles Daly single-action Western revolvers have been produced under trademark since 1956 by Pennsylvania-based KBI, Inc., which makes and imports a variety of rifles, shotguns and semiautomatic p... Read More »

Why did the TV show 'The Fugitive' which was the remake with Tim Daly have a final episode that ended with an unknown conclusion?

Perhaps it was discontinued because of bad ratings when the producers originally intended to continue the story in a second season that never got made.

How to Disarm an Irate Golfer?

On a day off from the office, golfing can be a great way to wind down and enjoy some fresh air. However, sometimes you will find your golfing partner has a bit of a temper, in which case you should... Read More »