Who was Commander Henry E Nichols?

Answer He was the last US Navy Commander of the Department of Alaska.

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Is Nichols Cage an A list celebrity?

Used to be, now he's like a B- Celebrity. A list celebrities are top billing meaning when they have something out you always hear about it. I haven't heard of anything like that from Nicholas Cage ... Read More »

Did the Goldwater-Nichols Act improve homeland security?

evryone needs a passportim native and i use my status card because i have a criminal record and all native people have free rights to cross with a criminal record but i still need my passport to

How much is a Nichols and Stone Rocking Chair worth?

Nichols and Stone Rocking Chairs are worth 100 to 500 maybe more.

How did the goldwater-nichols act affect the dod with regard to homeland security?

yes, it is a violation of Homeland Security laws if someone uses your address without permission, because your address is a very personal and private thing, and must be asked for permission to use ... Read More »