Who was jane goodall?

Answer Jane Goodall is a conservationist who is an expert on chimpanzees. She became famous for her work observing and living with the animals in their natural habitats in Africa; she currently lectures a... Read More »

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Who inspired Jane Goodall?

Jane Goodall has proved inspirational to generations of children, but most people do not know who inspired Jane Goodall herself. Actually, several people were instrumental in providing Goodall with... Read More »

How tall is Jane Goodall?

Famed primatologist Jane Goodall does not list her height on her resume. However, you can determine her general height by observing photographs in which Dr. Goodall stands next to people whose heig... Read More »

What did Jane Goodall invent?

Jane Goodall did not invent anything but she was well known for her work in anthropology. In 1934, Jane Goodall reported that chimpanzees were capable of making tools, an ability previously thought... Read More »

What is Jane Goodall famous for?

Jane Goodall is a primatologist and doctor of ethology famous for her work with chimpanzees. She spent decades living among the chimps in the Gombe Game Reserve in Tanzania, studying their behavior... Read More »