How to Cosplay As Q Ko Chan?

Answer Q-Ko-Chan is the lovable robot girl from Ueda Hajime’s “Q-Ko-Chan ~ The Earth Invader Girl”. This article will show you how to cosplay as her, whether you're serious, or for a cosplay act. Th... Read More »

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How to Become a Decora Chan or Kun?

Decora is Japanese street fashion subculture.The word 'decora' is simply a shortened version of 'decoration' and is mostly worn by young Japanese teens. Decora is identifiable through the use of to... Read More »

What does onii chan mean?

"Oniichan" means older brother in Japanese, but it is also used toward a young man who is older than the person who is saying it. "Onii" means brother; "chan" is a suffix used to show affection or ... Read More »

Who played Charlie Chan on TV?

Joseph Patrick Carroll Naish played the detective Charlie Chan in 39 episodes of "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan," which appeared on television from 1957 through 1958. Naish, who was of Irish d... Read More »

Why do Australians say "chain" as "chan"?

Oh, Doris, ever since 2008 huh? But I'm sure you're her clone. Otherwise you'd use a real avatar.Scots pronounce chain like chan, btw.At least learn how to troll right.