What is lean six sigma by Michael L. George?

Answer Six sigma is aimed at reducing defects in manufacturing processes, manufactured product and in delivered products and services. Lean sigma seeks to eliminate waste in the process of manufacturing a... Read More »

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How to Care for Long Hair Using the Dr. George Michael Method?

Caring for long hair can be challenging in today’s world. Many mainstream stylists encourage long-haired clients to cut off extra length. Rough styling tools and hair products can create split en... Read More »

RTV - Shock news - George Michael invites Joe to dinner - hmmm - what are your thoughts?

lol @ hot mess. If he does drop the soap then it's WHAM! pmsl

What is the name of the sitcom that George Carlin was on Fox Network in 1993 in which he played a cab driver named George?

It was called "The George Carlin Show", premiered on January 16th, 1994, made 24 episodes over two seasons. Carlin played New York cab driver George O'Grady.

On George Lopez what is george's favorite song?