Is Gary Sinise handicapped?

Answer Gary Sinise is not handicapped. However, he did play a handicapped Vietnam veteran in the 1994 film "Forest Gump". Additionally, Sinise is a strong supporter of disabled veterans. He is the nationa... Read More »

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Will Gary and I see each other again?

How many siblings does Gary Oak have?

He has 1 sibling. Her name is Daisy/May (It's different in the game than it is in the manga).

What did Gary Stewart die from?

According to the Country Music Television website, Gary Stewart died Dec. 16, 2003, from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Stewart had a problem with drugs and alcohol in the 1970... Read More »

Tell me about Gary Null, Ph.D.,?

He is a man of SHAM (see the book of the same name by Steve Salerno). His offerings are more woo than most.