Sizzler or denny's?

Answer Sizzler's (I wish we still had one in our town)

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Denny's Vs iHop Which Is Better?

i prefer IHOP to dennys but some locations it may not be the way. i like the pancake house but none in my area.

When was the last time you ate at Denny's?

I eat there at least twice or three times a month. My cholesterol is 164 and doing better than 168 last year. It's the size of the portion that counts. For example, my wife and always share a br... Read More »

Ihop or denny's ?

They're both good. Denny's has great "slam" deals but IHOP often has coupons in the paper for a free meal when you buy one. So if you are by yourself, Dennys is the answer. If you have a date, go t... Read More »

Which one: IHOP or Denny's?

if girls with big boobs work at hooters, than where do girls with one leg work?...................................… hope that helps :)