Who is Dennis the raccoon?

Answer nye

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What did Dennis C. Hayes'inventions do?

Dennis C. Hayes' most crucial invention was the PC modem, which he invented in 1977. This invention allowed computers to communicate to each other over long distances and became an essential part o... Read More »

What does"Dennis"mean?

Dennis is a common first name for men and common last name for men and women. The name Dennis has a Greek origin and means follower of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine. Dennis was a popular baby n... Read More »

What happened to Dennis Nilsen?

If you're referring to the serial killer Dennis Nilsen, he's still in jail to this day, serving his more than one, life sentence for the murders he commited. It is said that in...2004, I believe, t... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Dennis?

As a surname, Dennis is a corruption of the Greek name Dionysius, which is derived from "divine" and "mind," according to Ancestor Search. Dennis is a popular first name for men. According to the 1... Read More »