TV's Judge Judy was originally Family Court Judge Judy Sheindlin in what city?

Answer New York

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Did judge judy get a DUI?

Yes, judge Judy recently received a DUI on a stormy afternoon in march of 2011. She was caught in her car with 3 bottles of Jack Daniels. The "judge" then blew a .08 which is clearly over the legal... Read More »

How much do you get to appear on Judge Judy?

both parties get $100 I was on Judge Judy in 2005, and what happens is, they pay you $500.00 to appear on show , plus if you lose your case the show pays your settlement. So for me, I lost , they ... Read More »

How old is Judge Judy?

Judge Judith Sheindlin is 68 years old. She was born October 21, 1942.