How old are the mythbusters?

Answer Jamie Hyneman - 52 Adam Savage - 41 Kari Byron - 34 Tory Belleci - 38 Scottie Chapman - 38 Grant Imahara - 38

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What is the mythbusters about?

Mythbusters is a T.V. show that aims to test the validity of many urban myths, by first "replicating the circumstances, then replicating the results" - in other words, they test whether the myth ac... Read More »

What is the girl's name from'Mythbusters'?

Kari Byron is the female builder on the television show "Mythbusters," which airs on the Discovery Channel. Byron was born in California on Dec. 18, 1974, according to the Internet Movie Database. ... Read More »

Where is Mythbusters M5 studio?

Mythbusters is a television show on the Discovery channel, which uses science to test urban legends. The M5 Industries studio is the primary shooting location for the show and is located in San Fra... Read More »

Where is MythBusters filmed?

At M5 Industries in San Francisco.