Fraser Fir Facts?

Answer Many people know the Fraser fir tree for its common use as a Christmas tree. The tree’s aesthetically pleasing, compact shape and its fragrant needles have made it one of the nation’s most popu... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name Brendan?

The boy’s name Brendan derives from the Old Irish Bréanainn, from the Celtic meaning “prince.” Two alternative possibilities of the meaning of Brendan are “stinking hair” or “he who li... Read More »

How do I plant Fraser fir trees?

SitePlant Fraser firs in the late fall or early spring while the tree is dormant. Choose a cool, moist area with good-draining soil. Plant on an elevated spot with acid soil and full-sun exposure. ... Read More »

How do I plant a Fraser fir in Virginia?

TimingPlant a Fraser fir in the spring, when the ground is thawed enough to till. This will give the young tree time to establish before the hot summer months. You can also plant in fall, early eno... Read More »

How do I plant Fraser fir seedlings?

Prepare for PlantingPlant the seedlings in the fall as the plant goes into dormancy, so the roots can become acclimated to the new location. Trim the root system so it is as long as the seedling is... Read More »