Who is baby bash married to?

Answer he is not married

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How to Use Bash?

Bash is a free software Unix shell written for the GNU Project. Its name is an acronym which stands for Bourne-again shell (this is a play on the name of the original Unix shell, the Bourne Shell, ... Read More »

How do I do this in a bash script?

sed '/package_extract_file(\"boot.img\", \"\/dev\/block\/mmcblk0p5\");/ i \the line you want added' the file to be worked on

How to Delete Bash History?

BASH, which stands for "Bourne-Again Shell," is a command language interpreter for the GNU operating system. A more well-known interpreter for the GNU operating system is Linux. The history of your... Read More »

TGI Fridays Birthday Bash Maybe?

Hard Rock Cafe will also be fun.Make sure everyone has at least about £25 per person. I'm sure you'll have money left over but just incase anyone wants an extra drink, desert etc plus it should co... Read More »