Who is baby bash married to?

Answer he is not married

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How to Use Bash?

Bash is a free software Unix shell written for the GNU Project. Its name is an acronym which stands for Bourne-again shell (this is a play on the name of the original Unix shell, the Bourne Shell, ... Read More »

How to Use Exec in Bash Script?

Unix has a number of different shell languages for the command line, with names such as Korn shell, CShell, Bourne shell and Bash. The difference is usually in the syntax and grammar of commands op... Read More »

How to Clear Bash History?

Your bash shell will usually log everything you type into a file in your UID's home directory called .bash_history. This is great for your personal computer, so you can easily recall various shell ... Read More »

How do I do this in a bash script?

sed '/package_extract_file(\"boot.img\", \"\/dev\/block\/mmcblk0p5\");/ i \the line you want added' the file to be worked on