How old is Adalia Rose?

Answer Adalia Rose is 5 years old

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What's Wrong With Adalia Rose?

She has Progeria. It's a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children.

Do you support Adalia Rose?

I agree entirely. I can barely scroll down Facebook without people sharing/liking/commenting on this and I had to find out WHAT the deal was. I have known about the disease Progeria for several yea... Read More »

Why is Adalia Rose so special and why should I care?

she's special because she has an EXTREMELY rare disease that causes her to age fast aabout 5 people in the world have it or something like that. You should care because she won't be like the normal... Read More »

Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about Adalia Rose?

I know EXACTLY what you mean.I'm sick and tired of people on fb exploiting her for likes, and seeing her on my news feed.I know people are going to think we're heartless, but I really don't care.Th... Read More »