How old does a sibling have to be to watch younger siblings in the state of IL?

Answer I think 13 but im not shure

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What legal right does an estranged sibling have to contact with younger siblings?

How can you tell if the negative relationship between two siblings 9 years apart is the result of sibling rivalry or of the older sibling sexually physically and verbally abusing the younger sibling?

AnswerThere is no surefire way an outsider can tell what has occured between the siblings, outside of asking both of them what the problem is.Even if there has been abuse, both victim and perpatrat... Read More »

As a disowned older sibling with much younger siblings do you have any visitation rights?

What age can a older sibling watch a younger sibling in California?

It varies. Some countries have legislation for this and others do not. You would need to say which country you mean.