How old does a pig have to be to get pregnant?

Answer When breeding pigs, it is important to have a good grasp of the reproductive facts. Pigs can breed not long after birth and, with the right knowledge, can produce many offspring.PubertyFemale pigs... Read More »

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Why have i been feeling very pregnant lately howeverI took a preg test and it came up negative however I still have all the signs that i am very pregnant. help please?

Answer go see a doctor is my advice!and do another pregnancy test

How old does a boy have to be to get a girl pregnant?

The boy has to be-able to release sperm and the girl has to have or soon be having her period then the there is a chance.

How far does the pinus have to go in to the vagina to get pregnant?

How far does your penis have to be in to get her pregnant?

It actually does not even have to enter the vagina to cause pregnancy if there is sperm/ejaculate on the outside of her vagina. If there is ejaculate around, on and definitely in the vagina there i... Read More »