How old does a person have to be to ride a bus by themself?

Answer Answer With the exception of school buses it's about 12 years old, but that is up to the parents. Modern times have caused parents to be far more cautious with their children and these are no long... Read More »

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What age does a person have to be to ride in the front seat in South Carolina?

Take these cries seriously. Be very aware of who you are leaving your child with and the relationship she has with that person. It may be that she just misses you because you are away more than usu... Read More »

Does anyone know a 3 yr old that does 100 piece puzzles by themself?

You have a VERY bright little girl! Make sure you keep her stimulated and also encourage her to also develop her social and motor skills. Sometimes parents of very bright children focus on intell... Read More »

What host of family fued hung themself?

Why do people get so ANGRY when someone who eats fish calls themself vegetarian?

Some people have anger issues and love animals so much that when people use the term incorrectly (either out of ignorance or for convience) they feel it's a personal affront- they don't want to be ... Read More »