How old does a minor have to be in AZ to watch siblings?

Answer 14 years of age is the minimum age for employment of any kind in AZ.

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What is the legal age for minor to left home alone with siblings?

What is the legal age to watch siblings in mn?

I Really Want Too Know That If I Was The Main Carer For My 20 Month Old Brother Up Until He Was One, Does That Mean I Have A Right Too See Him? I Have Been Denied Access To Him, Since Me And My Mum... Read More »

In Michigan what age can my son watch younger siblings?

According to state law, 13 years old is the age for babysitting. But i don't think that necesarily applies for siblings. Here's the thing: Michigan state law is an odd thing. There is no statute on... Read More »

How old does a sibling have to be to watch younger siblings in the state of IL?