How old does a dog have to be for an underground fence?

Answer On One Hand: It Depends on the DogSome dogs are submissive or nervous by nature and should be carefully monitored no matter what age they are when introduced to an underground fence. The buzz from ... Read More »

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How to Make a Path through an Underground Dog Fence?

Underground dog fencing utilizes a weak radio signal along a buried wire to trigger a shock to a dog equipped with an electronic collar, if the dog gets too near the wire. By exposure to these mild... Read More »

How to Install an Underground Electric Dog Fence?

Underground electric dog fences are also known as hidden or invisible fences. This is because they are largely buried underground. A receiver is placed on your dog's collar. If your dog approache... Read More »

How old should a puppy be to train for an underground fence?

According to Invisible Fence, your puppy needs to be at least eight weeks old and must know basic commands such as "come," "stay" and "sit." The puppy must also be able to walk nicely on a leash.S... Read More »

Alternative to an Underground Invisible Fence for Dogs?

There are other ways to keep your dog confined that do not involve the expense of purchase and installation required by underground fencing. While effective at keeping most dogs in, even undergroun... Read More »