How old does a child have to be left all night?

Answer 16

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What is a legal age a child can be left home alone over night in the USA?

What legal in Pennsylvania can a child be left alone at night?

it is not the same for all cars it depends seldom on the type of car and model

If the mother of your 3-year-old child left for 9 months without seeing your child once should you allow her into his life or tell her it is too late?

Answer What is in the BEST interest of the child?3020. (a) The Legislature finds and declares that it is the publicpolicy of this state to assure that the health, safety, and welfareof children sh... Read More »

If a child's name is inadvertently left off of the enrollment form when enrolling for family coverage can the claims be denied for this child?

Answer Yes, but if you work with an agent, he/she can usually take care of that for you.