Need a printer for university next september I need one that is cheap over long term and does not jam easily?

Answer i bought mine at wall mart and works very good..its a HP DESKJET.. and only cost 45 bucks..good printing too..

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If you need to go on short-term disability to treat alcoholism does your employer need to know that this is the reason?

Answer I doubt it - HIPAA privacy and all. Answer No. Your short term disability insurance company will determine if it is a covered event. All your employer needs to know is that it is a qualifyi... Read More »

How deep or big does a cut need to be to need stitches?

In general, a full-thickness cut through all the layers of the skin that is at least one cm in length. A shallow or tangential cut (at an angle) may or may not be sutured. That's because a very sh... Read More »

Does light scribe drives run out of ink or how does that work i need help?

You need to buy the special Lightscribe discs. They come with a special coating on the top surface of the CD. When you put it into the LightScribe capable drive, the same laser that reads your disc... Read More »

Does your 16 yr old need auto insurance even though he does not own a car?

Answer All regular drivers of a vehicle need to be listed as drivers on that vehicles insurance policy, even if they don't own the vehicle. Failure to disclose an operator could be determined to b... Read More »