How old does a baby need to be to have cereal in a bottle?

Answer NEVER unless your child has acid reflexs and his/her doctor has said it is ok

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Can you put baby cereal in a bottle?

Although many parents consider putting cereal in a bottle to help babies sleep longer, this should not be done without consulting a pediatrician. Giving babies solid food too soon may cause allergi... Read More »

How do I add baby cereal to a bottle?

WaitWait until your baby is 4 to 6 months old before introducing cereal into the diet. Start with rice cereal first, then try oatmeal and barley baby cereal.MixMix 4 to 5 tablespoons of milk with o... Read More »

When you start feeding baby cereal should you give your baby extra water to drink?

Wouldn't they throw up? cuz i heard too much liquids can make them whoot whoot.. that may be a question to ask your doctor honey but I hope the babys fine good luck!

When should i start giving my baby baby cereal?

I started at about 5 months. My doctor told me to because my child was always hungry. remember you can always water it down for the consistancy that you want.