How old does a baby need to be to have cereal in a bottle?

Answer NEVER unless your child has acid reflexs and his/her doctor has said it is ok

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Can you put baby cereal in a bottle?

Although many parents consider putting cereal in a bottle to help babies sleep longer, this should not be done without consulting a pediatrician. Giving babies solid food too soon may cause allergi... Read More »

How do I add baby cereal to a bottle?

WaitWait until your baby is 4 to 6 months old before introducing cereal into the diet. Start with rice cereal first, then try oatmeal and barley baby cereal.MixMix 4 to 5 tablespoons of milk with o... Read More »

Babies uber..I need your help here..(Baby cereal)?

heh…Scroll down to mystic_eye's answer, go to the "Why not cereal?" part.And then dare Daddy to eat that slop. Fortified wallpaper paste!& more:"There is n... Read More »

Do I need to sterilize baby bottle caps?

The Ohio State University Medical Center states that sterilization of bottle caps in necessary, along with the rest of the parts of the bottle. The sterilization takes place before the first use by... Read More »