How old do you need to be to sign a contract?

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What Is the Legal Age to Sign a Contract?

Contracts come in many forms, from leases to purchase agreements to promissory notes and other agreements that bind the signer to the terms within. In most cases, minors are prohibited from signin... Read More »

Can a minor sign insurance contract?

Travel Insurance is highly recommended going anywhere. Who knows what could happen on a trip. It's better to be prepared, and it doesn't matter if you're traveling to Europe, Asia or Australia.

Can I Be Forced to Sign an Employment Contract?

Never sign a contract with which you don't agree. Contracts have binding power, and your signature on a document is a very serious thing. One key aspect to contract law is that an agreement is not ... Read More »

Is it better to sign a new contract with AT&T?

that all depends.with T-mobile you might get a lower price, but then you have to take into consideration the cost of the device up front and over the next 2 years which could be an extra $20/month ... Read More »