How old do you have to become a doctor?

Answer Becoming a general doctor would be the first thing to aim for. It takes five years (in which you would get your degree and start training). You can then continue to study your chosen specialty subj... Read More »

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What do you have to do to become a navy doctor?

The first requirement is to complete medical school and obtain your medical license. Then you have to meet the current requirements for age and health. Your Navy recruiter can fill in the details ... Read More »

How Long Do You Have to Go to School to Become a Professional Doctor?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, becoming a professional doctor requires at least four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school and three to eight years of internship ... Read More »

How many years or college do you have to take to become a brain surgery doctor?

At least two, and more probably three or four. You then have four years of medical school. A newly graduated (from medical school) doctor does not simply get to run out and go into business as a br... Read More »

I have blood in stools..I have booked an appointment with the doctor. How will the doctor diagnose th problem?

Lower GI tract (percentages vary with the age group sampled)* Anal fissures* Angiodysplasia (vascular ectasia)* Colitis: Radiation, ischemic, infectious* Colonic carcinoma* Colonic polyps* Divertic... Read More »