How far do you have to stay away from a dive flag?

Answer The regulations on how far to stay away from a boat or float marker with a diver down flag vary. For example, New Mexico requires 300 feet, but North Carolina mandates only 50 feet. If you cannot c... Read More »

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How high does the dive flag have to be on your boat?

Though dive flag laws vary from state to state, Rule 27 (e) of the Navigation Rules set forth by the United States Coast Guard requires the display of a rigid dive flag "not less than 1 meter in he... Read More »

Forgive me for my lack of knowledge here--I have a dive that has digital video on it, i think this is called?

A "deck" is a device specifically for video professionals (usually), and is quite costly; usually the term "deck" refers to a device that has audio/video inputs/outputs, and especially one that use... Read More »

Can you register and insure a car in Indiana if you bought it there and have the title but have a New York City drivers license?

yes, your insurance company will tell u that u will however need proof of current address and they will eventually make u change the state your drivers license to where you live

How many miles is French Lick, Indiana, away from Evansville, Indiana?

The distance between the Indiana cities of French Lick and Evansville is 82 miles, according to the French Lick and West Baden Chamber of Commerce. The trip takes approximately 1 1/2 hours by car.R... Read More »