How old do you have to be to sign up for YouTube?

Answer They want you to be 13+, but as long as you're parents say it's okay, you can just lie about your age. Youtube is only required by law to ask your age, they don't have to check and make sure you t... Read More »

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I don't have a cell phone, so how am I supposed to sign up for youtube?

It is a recent change to the policy that prevents 'bots' from signing up and also can be used to control how many channels people can make.You don't need to own a cell phone, you just need access t... Read More »

Can kids sign up to youtube?

Yes indeed they can but over 13 years of age

I cannot sign into youtube?

Do you realise you need to sign up with and open an account with them before you can open an account on youtube.That's how the android sydtem works!

How to Sign Up for Musicians' Accounts on YouTube?

If you are a musician performing solo or as part of a band, you may want to show videos of your work on YouTube to increase exposure, gain new fans and keep current fans up to date on your latest p... Read More »