Can I have Text messages sent to one phone and phone calls sent to another?

Answer The answer to your question is yes (but it isn't simple). The number to your phone is tied to your SIM and every phone that will operate on T-Mobile's network needs a SIM to do so. That means that ... Read More »

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How does one scan a thing and have it sent in email , if you do not have a scanner can this be done by fax?

Take a picture from your phone and email from there?

On gmail, if you delete your sent messages, will the emails you sent be erased?

No because when you send a message its kind of like a copy. You have a version of it and they have one too.

Is it possible for my boyfriend to be sent to Afghanistan for one of his underway trips if he is in the coast guard He got sent on one and couldn't tell me where he was going?

Yes, while it is rare the coast guard can be deployed to foreign waters.

I have IRR mobilization orders to report in Jan 2010 I'm 6' and 305 lbs will i be sent home or deploy at my weight every website i have been to has a different answer?

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