How old do you have to be to move out in Virginia?

Answer Virginia Adult Status The information I found shows that a child must either reach 19 years of age, or have a high school degree, in order to be considered at the age of majority. More Contributor ... Read More »

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What year did Georgia O'Keeffe move to Virginia?

Georgia O’Keeffe was a famous American painter born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Her parents, Ida and Francis O’Keeffe, move to Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1902. Georgia was 15 years old when she,... Read More »

In the state of Virginia Can a parent move children out of state when joint custody is involved?

Not without written permission of the other custodial parent or by Order of the Court.

My parents let me move out 4 months ago well i want to move out of state with my fiance because he has a job offer..but im afraid they would get mad can i still move?

The statment below is incorrect. The whole basis of this website is that you can ask any question."I think that you should keep your personal problems to yourself.Because a lot of people have diffe... Read More »

Can a 17 year old in Virginia leave her home in Virginia to live with another family?

Yes! You can leave your family at any age but since your still young it is best if you stay with your family until you are old enough to get married == Answer ==You could file for emancipation.Ema... Read More »