How old do you have to be to move in with a different parent?

Answer Answer You must be sixteen to move in with a different parent, but only if you can prove to the courts that the parent you want to move in with is able to take care of you, and has a stable home fo... Read More »

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If two parents have joint custody can a parent move out state with the kid without permission of the other parent?

At the age of 17 most people have picked who they live with.

Can you move in with your mother in California if she doesn't have any custody of you and tell the court that you want to move in with her because you don't get along with your step-parent?

Answer A minor cannot leave the home of the custodial parent without that parent's permission. The noncustodial parent can petition the court for custody rights pertaining to the minor child. Depen... Read More »

If a teenager has already moved in with a parent how old do they have to be to decide they want to move in with the other parent?

Answer Minors donÂ’t get to make that decision. If the parents canÂ’t reach an agreement, then a judge decides. A judge will consider a teenagerÂ’s wishes, but they arenÂ’t bound by what the chi... Read More »

If a parent with sole custody wants to move to another province do they have to get permission from a judge or give a 30-day notice to the other parent?

Answer If you were given sole custody of your child by a court of law, then that's what it means "sole custody" and the father has no rights, so you are free to move where you want and when you wa... Read More »