How old do you have to be to leave your parents' house?

Answer 18 when you become an adult.

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You want to leave your parents house to live with a non blood relative how would you go about doing this if only one side agrees to allow it?

A legally adopted child is considered the parent's child just as much as if they had given birth to that child. So being adopted does not affect the rights or the heirship of the deceased parent's ... Read More »

If you want to have sex where can you find a girl and how can you sneak into a store to purchase condoms without your parent's knowledge and get your parents out of the house long enough to have it?

Things to Consider First, ask yourself how the girl's dad might take to you having sex with his daughter and what actions he might take against you, both legally and otherwise. If he is or has ever... Read More »

In New Jersey how old do you have to be to move out of your parents house?

Answer I'm pretty sure it's 18. When you move out at 18, your parents can call the cops or try other ways to get you back into the house but by law you are considred and adult therefore there is ... Read More »

What age does a pregnant teenager need to be to leave their parents' house?

Answer Pregnancy does not confer emancipation rights on a minor. The legal age of majority of the state in which the minor lives is still applicable.