What does l'air du temps mean?

Answer The phrase "l'air du temps" means "something in the air" in French, explains Vive la Vie. L'air du temps is the name of a popular perfume first created by Nina Ricci in 1948. Designed by Lalique, t... Read More »

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How to Convert Temps?

Measuring temperature is a common activity that is conducted in science labs, workplaces and homes every day. There are three major temperature scales, which are labeled "Fahrenheit," "Celsius" and... Read More »

How to Convert Centigrade Temps?

Daniel Fahrenheit was a 17th century scientist whose fascination led him to develop a widely accepted temperature scale in which water froze at 32 degrees and the average human temperature was just... Read More »

Palm Trees and Freezing Temps?

Lush, tropical foliage transforms any garden into an exotic paradise. As a result, many homeowners plant palm trees, iconic symbols of the tropical paradise environment. However, palm trees planted... Read More »

Do you water plants in freezing temps?

According to researchers at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, you should water and protect outdoor plants prior to freezing temperatures, not during them. In order to prevent free... Read More »