How old do you have to be to get your nose peirced in Texas with your parents?

Answer It depends on state laws. There all different and can't be changed or bent for one person. And it depends on the place you decide to get pierced at as well, they all have different rules.

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Can you be covered by your parents' policy if you are over 18 live with your parents out of high school and the car is registered in your name?

Answer Yes, I have two children over 18 and under 25 who are currently on my insurance. You must go to their insurance company and give them your name etc and they will tell you how much more it is... Read More »

How to Hide Your Nose Piercing from Your Parents?

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Pierce Your Nose?

A nose piercing is a way to show your personality. But, sometimes, your parents won't allow it. So, you need to convince your parents to let you get your nose pierced.

Can you adopt your brother both your parents are dead you are 26 your brother is 13 He is currently living with you but social services have put him forward for adoption without consulting you.?

Even if social services put him forward for adoption, you should be the first consideration. Even as evil as they can seem sometimes, they do want to keep families together. Adoption is a long proc... Read More »