If your license is suspended and your mother buys a new car but does not have a license what is the best way to get insurance on the car?

Answer The best way to get Insurance on the car is to first go Get a Valid Drivers License. Driving on a supended license is illegal. Driving with no license is also illegal. Trying to obtain Auto insuran... Read More »

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Do you have to have a divorce decree to change your name on your drivers license?

In the case of divorce, a certified divorce decree is necessary to change the name on your driver's license. Fees and processes vary by state. Some states, such as California, also require a Social... Read More »

How long must you have your learner's permit to get your license in Arkansas?

According to the Arkansas Driver Services division, Arkansas issues graduated driver's licenses based on age. If you apply when you are age 14 to 16, you receive a learner's permit that expires on ... Read More »

Does your name have to match on your drivers license and car insurance?

Does the name on your driver's license have to match your airline ticket?

Yes, all commercial airlines in America require the name on your ID or driver's license to match your ticket when flying. However, minor details like mismatched middle initials are overlooked, acco... Read More »