How old do you have to be to get a drivers permit?

Answer The age requirements for obtaining a driver's or learner's permit vary from state to state. Most states require that you be between 15 and 16 years old before you can get your driver's permit.Refe... Read More »

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If you have 4 autos and 4 drivers can you list your 2 teen drivers as part time drivers on 2 of the cars?

Answer Depends on your insurance company. Some require one primary driver to each car if you have 4 cars with 4 people living in the house. But some allow you to list the parents as primary driver... Read More »

If I have a California drivers permit, does it apply in Maryland?

Hello Olivia,Your permit will be perfectly fine to drive in Maryland, you must be adhering to the rules of California as well as Maryland and have a valid permit.Best

If someone is living in your house and they get a drivers permit does your auto insurance go up?

Answer Only if you go to your insurance provider and include them in your policy

Can you buy auto insurance in the US if you have an international driving permit but not a US drivers license?

Answerno. must be a resident to buy auto insurance. a state license is required.New Answer HeadlineYes you can buy auto insurance using you international driving licence. I know this because i have... Read More »