How old do you have to be to get a credit card in Canada?

Answer Canadian residents must be the age of majority in their province of residence to apply for a credit card. The age is 18 in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and Prince Edward Island.... Read More »

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Can you use an American credit card in canada?

Although Americans can use their credit cards in Canada, they may have difficulty doing so. American credit cards use magnetic strips whereas Canada employs advanced chip and pin technology to read... Read More »

Which is the best credit card for an 18-year-old in Canada?

On One Hand: Look for Favorable TermsBecause of their lack of credit history, teens in Canada who are just beginning to establish credit need to use caution when applying for a credit card. The bes... Read More »

Can a credit card that's from Canada work in the U.S.?

Canadian credit cards work in the United States. A Visa or MasterCard issued in Canada will work in the U.S. at all merchants that accept either credit card. Other types of Canadian-issued credit c... Read More »

What kind of credit card can i get to build my credit if i have bad credit?

There are a few very good options to rebuild your credit. By obtaining credit that is attainable to those with poor credit and paying on time for an extended period of time, your credit will slowly... Read More »