Is It Legal for Hawaii Residents to Gamble with Lottery Tickets From Out of State?

Answer Strictly reading the laws in Hawaii, if you were caught in Hawaii in possession of a ticket that was "commonly used in the operation, promotion, or playing of a lottery or mutuel scheme or enterpri... Read More »

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How does Washington's fishing industry impact Washington state?

Washington's commercial and recreational fishing industries are extremely important to the state. These industries provide financial benefits to the people of Washington state, and provide less tan... Read More »

If you have sole custody in Washington State do you need permission to take the child out of state?

Either way, the other parent can file an injunction to stop it pending a hearing, so permission should be sought.

Are cigarettes subject to the state sales tax in washington state?

Cigarettes are subject to the standard 6.5 percent sales tax in Washington State and are assessed a higher sales taxation rate in certain counties, according to the Washington State Department of R... Read More »

Do you have to pay state taxes on medical insurance in the state of Washington?

do you have to pay taxes on medical insurance in the state of Washington