How old do you have to be to drink non alcaholic beer in ny?

Answer you still have to be 21 because it's contains alcohol (less than 1 or 2 percent but still does)

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Can a 12 y.o drink non alcaholic wine Where can you find it How much is the price?

why you need it it's not that tastyanyway i think you can search for it in the big supermarket or…19$

I have type 2 diabetes should i drink beer?

My husband is type 2 diabetic, the doctor told him he can have "light" beer now and then, he said its half the fat half the sugar, I would check with your doctor.

I have diabetes and I eat the things i shouldn't, drink beer, and am addicted to sugar?

Stop living to eat and start eating to live... simple. If you don't mind facing a miserable decline in health ending with strokes, heart attack, neuropathic pain, amputation, and finally dementia, ... Read More »

I drink beer but want to lose there a way....with out not drinking beer..,.?

CUT-BACK a lot, 10 beers a night will keep that beer belly. eat more fruits/veggies/whole grains. and exercise with your girlfriend.