CLUB EUROPE !!Do you have to be 18 or older to enter in club europe in atlantawhat if with parents?

Answer i think you can get into club europe at 18, but its wayyyyyyyyyyyy to crowded. u cant even dance cuz so many people are on the dance floor.your parents can't get u in the club. why would you want t... Read More »

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I have a FLU and I throw up everything I eat or drink.. what can I eat or drink?

Things that have worked for me in the past: goldfish crackers & Coca Cola consumed very slowly. Then if you can keep that down for a while, potato soup helps.

Did medieval Europe have ovens?

the air in a fridge when you open the door gets hotter because you let the particles out

Does Europe have a working incinerator?

In 2010, Europe had over 400 working incinerators. Countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany lead Europe in expanding existing incinerators and planning to build new ones. In the last few... Read More »

If you buy a new iPhone 3G S in the US can you use it in Ireland and Europe or do you have to unlock it?

I sugest contacting a telephone questions and answers company or you can go to your nearest phone store and ask them or just shop around on the i-net for some info.Good luck!!