How old do you have to be to choose who has custody over you?

Answer Answer There is not an age at which a minor is allowed to choose where or with whom they wish to live. A judge may speak with an older teen concerning the issue, but the decision will be based upon... Read More »

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Can a seventeen year old choose who he wants to have custody over him even if its not a family member?

If you are 16 can your grandma get emergency custody of you and then sign it over to your mother who didn't have custody over you if your dad had custody?

Answer If the minor child is in an unsuitable environment which constitutes abuse, neglect or endangerment, DFS (social services) should be notified at once. A family member such as a grandmother c... Read More »

If your parents have joint custody can one parent sign his custody over to someone else?

socialworkers make money but its not always a lot and some don't want to share how much they make because it might not be a good amount of money.

If you have primary physical custody and joint legal custody do you have move rights then the parent that does not have physical custody when it comes to the best interest of the child?

Answer yes and no. joint legal basically means the other parent can get any and all legal info on the child such as medical records, school records and of course anything legal or court related if... Read More »