How old do you have to be to choose what parent to live with if you live in Utah?

Answer Answer The judge will listen to several people when making that decision. First, he will listen to the caseworker/counselor. The caseworker will evaluate the family and the needs of the child. The... Read More »

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Can i choose which parent i want to live with My parents are fighting over me do i have a say where i live im 17 and pregnant and i want to live with my dad in Florida and mom won't let me go?

Technically you have to comply with whatever custody arrangement there is until you are age 18. At age 18, you are free to do as you please--but you may still be financially dependent on your paren... Read More »

If parents live in different states Alabama Mississippi can child choose which parent they want to live with at age 14?

AnswerThe general age of consent is 18 years unless it is detrimental for a child to reside with one parent. Most states are "best interest" states. Ask yourself? What is in the best interest of th... Read More »

Can you choose which parent you want to live with at the age of 15 if your parents are not divoriced but do not live together?

Under these circumstances, where no orders are in place, the parents are considered to have joint physical custody. Though the child has not clear choice that is enforced by the laws, they do have ... Read More »

How old do you have to be to choose what parent to live with if you live in Australia?

I am not sure about Australia, but in the US judges will take into consideration the request.This usually goes along with the kids desire to live with a parent, If the child appears to be genuine i... Read More »