Which is louder AK74 or AK47 and how do both weapons compare to the M4 and M16 in noise in decibels?

Answer The AK47 fires a larger round which requires more powder to be used to propel it. Additionally, the 7.62x39mm M1943 cartridge was originally intended for a longer barreled weapon (the SKS rifle), s... Read More »

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I have abdominal tb. I have kissed my boyfriend and have had sex with him many times. have I spread tb to him?

I am not a doctor and this is NOT medical advice=================================I assume:1. he already knows of the condition2. he is already immunizedThe good news I will also assume you know, if... Read More »

I have known of persons who had diabetes and some have had limbs amputated or have gone blind. Why is this?

i got diabetes when i was 7 and i am 38 now. i am legally blind and i had to have my left leg amputated. i did not take care of myself when i was younger so that is part of my trouble.when your a d... Read More »

If i do have a warrant for not paying a ticket will have have a problem flying from canada to france?

Adoptees: if you could have picked your own adoptive parents, would you have chose the ones you have?

No.They would be as much LIKE my natural parents as possible -- IF, and only if, not being adopted is not an option.My APs are old enough to be the parents of my parents.My APs are abusive.My APs a... Read More »