How old do you have to be to be hired as a nightclub promoter?

Answer Mexico City would qualify as such.

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How to Be a Nightclub Promoter?

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What do you have to do to get hired by BNSF railroad?

I hired on with the BNSF in 1990 (BN then). The college I had then had nothing to do with railroading. I applied for train service, so the college didn't mean anything anyway. I went to a city fund... Read More »

Can cops in the U.S. have a brain injury when hired in the U.S.?

Depends on the extent of your brain injury. If this injury is just that and has not effected your ability to perform the duties required then no!But if your injury in the smallest way alters your d... Read More »

How to Decide if You Have Hired the Best Attorney for Your Issue?

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