How to Become a Twirler?

Answer Baton twirling is a little known but very challenging sport. You might see twirling at a football game or high school. Here is how to become a twirler or get tips.

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What are possible alternative causes for Chadwicks sign Hegars sign Goodells sign Braxton Hicks or Ballottement?

Ballottement indicates an increase of fluid over the patella at the knee joint - this has more to do with an injury or infection and nothing to do with pregnancy.Braxton Hicks or practice contracti... Read More »

Can you have one parent sign your DL 44 form if both parents have joint custody?

You need to have BOTH parents sign if they have joint custody.

You don't want your employers insurance and it's 20000. deductible do you have to have was made to sign up?

Answer I never heard of a $20,000 deductible plan. How were you "made" to sign up? What percent of the premium is the Employer paying? What State are you in?

I used to have one eye floater, now I have two - is it a bad sign?

Oh my gosh. Floaters are NOT cataracts. They are tiny pieces of the back of your eye that have fallen off or clumps of the liquid in your eye. They then float around in the liquid of your eye. ... Read More »