How old do you have to be to adopt in Wisconsin?

Answer You have to be 21.

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How to Adopt Siblings in Wisconsin?

A parent unable to raise one of their children may, regardless of the reason for this inability, be unable to raise any of their other children either, and for this reason siblings may become orpha... Read More »

Child has had no contact with bio father in 3.5 years. Child is 4 and stepfather wants to adopt. Bio father will not voluntary terminate rights. What is the process to have step father adopt?

Ring the Dept for chid Protective Services and ask for relevant forms. They will also let u know of family court forms u need to submit. There is alot involved and some legal advice or a lawyer wou... Read More »

Ski Resorts Near Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Dells, located in southern Wisconsin, is about two hours from Milwaukee and is primarily known for its water parks. In fact, Wisconsin Dells has proclaimed itself the "Waterpark Capital o... Read More »

How much inheritance tax do you have to pay in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, you do not have to pay inheritance tax, provided the decedent died after January 1, 1992. If the decedent died before then, the inheritance tax varies based on the date of the death, ... Read More »