Checklist for a Work Order?

Answer Work orders are essential in any type of business that provides a service to the public. Plumbing, heating, home improvement, roofing and automotive service businesses must have a work order for ea... Read More »

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How does birth order work in adoption?

Hi Gaia,I've heard of birth order in adoption and assumed it was to preserve the birth place of children the adoptive family may already have. I haven't thought of it as a way of preserving what ... Read More »

What are the requirements for non Swiss in order to be able to work Switzerland?

If you have EU citizenship and if you can proof fluency in German, French or Italian (not only beginner's knowledge), no further requirements are needed. You then can apply for a job like a Swiss ... Read More »

How do mail order bride services work?

In the Internet age, the term "mail order bride" is rapidly becoming archaic, but it still refers to the process of men seeking life partners from overseas via correspondence or dating services. Ge... Read More »

How do i change the null hypothesis in order to make it work?

Identify the flaw in the null hypothesis. If you have nullified a hypothesis, you've presumably falsified it using the scientific method. According to, only observable data that cont... Read More »