How old do you have to be in cailfornia left home alone?

Answer old eneugh to take care of his litll e brothers if he has some or sisters and know how to dial 911 of course i think the age limit is 14. make sure he knows what to do in case of emergency.

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Cailfornia or illinois?

Illinois.The air is cleaner and if people don't like the weather here,they can wait 5 minutes.We have a much greater history here in IL as well.California on the hand,will be sunk into the ocean on... Read More »

Is a relative obligated to make a 17-year old return home after they left home and the parent sent their clothes and belongings to the relative's home?

Answer Not if the parents of the minor have given she or he permission to live in your residence.You should be aware that allowing the minor to reside in your home makes you legally responsible fo... Read More »

In NJ if a home is left equally to two siblings and one wants it sold and the other has always lived there does the sibling living in the home have to see or buy it out?

Someone we know left to join the marines 4 weeks ago and he is home already does he get a break for a couple of days during basic training to come home?

No, not after just four weeks. He's probably been discharged unless there has been a death in his family. Then, he would get special leave to attend the funeral.