How old do you have to be as a child being abused?

Answer A child being abused can be any age from newborn and up until you become an adult not living in someone else's home.

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Who can legally and ethically report a child's injuries as possible child abuse if the child has not admtted to being abused?

a teacher and any one who can call CPS. if you think there is abuse put some calls in to child protective serves.

What are the signs of child abuse and how can you help the abused child to overcome the harm it has caused?

Since the obvious treatment for injuries from physical abuse is medical treatment, I assume you mean psychological treatment. This can depend on the child's age, who the abuser was, how long the ab... Read More »

If a mother relinquishes her child voluntarily without being coerced or has neglected or abused her child and ?

I don't think we are responsible for the pain of the mother as in we are the cause of it; however, I do think we have a duty and ethic to be empathetic to their situation.The other mother of my chi... Read More »

Can a relative get custody of a child who lives in another state if the child is being abused or neglected?

AnswerYes.Maybe.The relative would have to request an investigation from the department of children and family services in the state where the child resides.If the investigation warrants the child ... Read More »