How old do you have be to stay home alone in New york?

Answer there is no set age

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New mom - stay at home or back to work How can I make money & keep my sanity if I do decide to stay at home?

Newborns can't see depth and color as well as adults do. So, your eyes are not interesting, but your hairline is because of the color-contrast. The same with fans, or moving objects. The dark again... Read More »

How long does a DWI stay on record in New York?

A DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction in New York remains on a driving record for 10 years. An additional infraction during that time period can incur further penalties. There isn't a way to... Read More »

How to Stay Positive when Your Home Is an Adult Foster Care Home for Developmentally Disabled Adults?

Providing twenty-four hour care, 365 days a year in your home for Developmentally Disabled adults is a large undertaking that requires patience, nerves of steel, and a sense of humor. Some common s... Read More »

Should a mother stay at home with her young children rather than working outside the home?

On One Hand: Advantages of HomeStaying home with your children will help facilitate a strong parent-child bond by allowing you to teach, nurture, and entertain your child. Furthermore, if no qualit... Read More »