How old do u have 2 b 2 stop having 2 go 2 the dentist?

Answer You don't stop.....Unless you want your teeth to fall out.Idiot.

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Why did my dentist carry on when I gave the signal to stop?

Because of who you are and who she is.You are just one more patient on her already overstressed schedule. You think too highly of yourself, as if you should matter to her. You are not her spouse, h... Read More »

How to Ask Your Dentist to Stop X Raying Your Child's Mouth?

Children and adolescents are the most vulnerable to radiation from X-rays because they're still growing and forming bone structures. Doctors have managed to successfully put out the message to redu... Read More »

How do you tell your dentist he has a big wiener and please stop resting it on the arm rest because it is more?

Well now what a dilemma...How about just elbowing it off the armrest, he will surely get the intent. Or, you could of course just politely point to it and say, "you know, I understand why you have ... Read More »

I have a dentist appt tommrow so the dentist can go through the treatment plan for braces?

The dentist/orthodontist reappoints the patient for the treatment plan, provided that all diagnostic materials are present(cast impressions, panoramic and cephalometric x-rays, photographs) because... Read More »