How old do kids have to be to make a Facebook?

Answer Honestly any age they want. However, Facebook is usually for high school students and up (gr. 9+) because the "school networks" in facebook start at high school and not elementary school.

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Do you think it i appropriate for kids under 13 to have a myspace/facebook/xanga?

nope as at that age they are still 'immature' and can get contact with some pervert...

When you really want to make your kids behave, do you threaten to ground them, or friend them on facebook?

I threaten to quit my job and go to school with them.And I tell them that I WILL answer questions in class and make comments.

Gosh, do I HAVE to make a facebook?

Hey girl i am so totally agree with you?! i don't get why the 1st thing(or seems so) people ask when they want to get to know you is "Hey do you have Facebook/Myspave/blahblahblah." I mean.. c'mon!... Read More »

Anybody have or had sezuires that got kids i really want to have kids?

A good friend of mine has epilepsy, it didn't stop her from having two perfectly healthy and supercute kids. Just talk to your doctor about it.