How old do harp seals live to be?

Answer The harp seal, whose scientific name is Pagophilus groenlandicus, is an arctic and North Atlantic seal. They are known to live about 20 to 35 years in the wild, with an average lifespan of 30 years... Read More »

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What do harp seals eat?

Harp seals eat a variety of fish and crustaceans, including halibut, cod, herring and shrimp. They can dive an average of 328 feet deep in order to obtain their food.References:Marine Bio: Harp Seal

Are harp seals endangered?

Harp seals live in the cold water around the Arctic and in the northern Atlantic Ocean. There are also populations elsewhere. Harp seals are commercially hunted, and their population is dropping. H... Read More »

Where do gray seals live?

According to the Marine Bio website and the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, gray seals live in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their population stretches from Canada in the Western Atlantic to Grea... Read More »

Where do elephant seals live?

Elephant seals can be found in the warm ocean waters off the coast of California. They come to shore mainly to breed, staying in the water the majority of the time. Their range extends from San Fra... Read More »